October 23, 2016
Polaris International Industrial Parks
This first project, on an area of 2.000.000 m˛ of land. was completed and successfully sold
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Polaris Al Zamil Industrial Park
Polaris Parks established a partnership with Al Zamil Holding.
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Polaris Park Management
Polaris Parks believes in the importance of proper park management.
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Welcome to Polaris Parks

     Polaris Parks was officially launched in January 2008 by the Turkish president, Abdullah Gul, as the first initiative of its kind in Egypt, both as a private industrial park and as a large-scale joint collaboration between Turkey and Egypt, aiming to enhance the competitive edge of both countries in order to enable them to penetrate global markets.

Polaris Parks works for the development of the country together with its industry in order to adapt and compete in the global economy by preparing the necessary environment for industry while aiding investors through difficulties of the start-up period and moving into operational phases.

And in order to do this Polaris Parks develops unutilized areas into industrial compounds with infrastructure networks, offering value-added facilities and providing professional management systems.

November 2013

  • Polaris International Industrial Park has been awarded this year by EuroMoney Magazine the certificate of being the best industrial developer in MENA region as well as in Egypt.

June 2013                                             

  •  Shlumberger a leading French company working in the oil and gas industry worldwide have successfully signed an agreement to land in “Polaris Al Zamil”.
  • Rawasy an Egyptian-Saudi company working in the field of manufacturing plastic materials have signed a contract with “Polaris Al Zamil”.
  • Polaris Al Zamil and an Egyptian company “Foam House” working in the field of manufacturing Poly-Ethrane foam have signed a contract.                                


Business Initiative Directions (BID) is the private organization focused on the Quality Mix Plan and International B.I.D. Award for Quality through which companies awarded by B.I.D. (Read more...)

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Employment Center of Excellence

Despite the relatively high unemployment rate in Egypt, qualified labor is still scarce. A labour market characterised with inefficient production, unutilized capacities and high worker turnover is the consequence.

Administration and Office Areas

Polaris Parks projects in 6th October City are located in a privileged area that has high visibility and easy to access to the city. Positioned on the edge of the city's developing industrial and residential zones that is an ideal location for offices.

1st Zone, Developers Area– North Extensions, 6th of October City,
Giza, Egypt
Tel : +202 38 640 160/8

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