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Facilities Of Polaris Al Zamil Industrial Park (PZIP)

Polaris Al Zamil Industrial Park (PZIP) will reflect a modern approach, which favors an active landscape in a campus environment. In PZIP, parcels are treated individually, but an overall landscape will be developed for the entire site, which adds to the amenity package and market value of individual parcels.

One-Stop Shop Which enables the investors to handle building permits, registrations and all the governmental works in only one location.
Health Center Where health protection and first aid services will be performed.
Vocational Training Center Where workers will be trained by Turkish experts to familiarize them with the technology in the factories and increase their productivity.
Logistics Center An "intelligent" logistics center will be established to help the investors to reserve less space for warehouse in their parcels and focus more on manufacturing, which will reduce cost and increase efficiency.
Day Care Center The center will accommodate the Parks children happily.
Security Center Security of the premises and employees' safety is a top priority issue. The evaluation and maintenance of security features; procedures for emergencies such as fire, power failure as well as on-site traffic control will be coordinated from the Security Center.
Utility Management and General Maintenance and Repairs Maintaining the value of the Park will require constant evaluation of its grounds keeping; maintenance and repair of the roads, parking lots, signage and lighting; cleaning; management and maintenance of building systems (electrical, plumbing, communications); and general repairs and maintenance.
Building Services Offering services such as mechanical help, daily cleaning, and constructional issues.
Restaurant and Coffee Shops A food court will be there with cafeterias, restaurants and coffee shops.
Gas Station A gas station will be settled in the park.
Police Station, Fire Station and Post Office The necessary space will be provided for these public services in the administrative and service building.