Developing Spaces, Creating Communities

Work Environment Foundation (WEF)


Despite the relatively high unemployment rate in Egypt, qualified labor is still scarce. A labor market characterized with inefficient production, unutilized capacities and high worker turnover is the consequence.

This gap between the management and the employees of a firm has a direct impact on the quality of the working environment for both the management and the employees. For the main purpose of bridging such a gap, Polaris International, is raising a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-Initiative in the Egyptian Market through the establishment of the Work Environment Foundation (WEF).

Who We Are

In 2011 Polaris International Parks “first Environmental industrial park in Egypt “decided to raise its Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR initiative in the Egyptian Market through its foundation WEF (Work Environment Foundation).

As we believe that development always start from people themselves and I always believe that ethical behavior is the way for sustainable development.


Building an ethical community for sustainable development.


Raising the awareness of applying Ethical Behavior in whole community

How we started

In order to start right and making a real difference in community development, Polaris Parks started its market research about how can its initiative make a real impact to Create better working conditions and developing economic through human development. Researches has been collected from almost 500 companies.

Researches outcomes

“Many firms operating in the Egyptian environment are complaining about their employees in terms of commitment, reliability, and loyalty. On the other hand, employees are complaining about the distance between the management and employees (Them and Us), In 2012 a strong decision to establish WEF “Work environment Foundation”  First initiative working for “Improving work environment in the Egyptian workplace”. 

WEF is developing a state-of-the-art social and environmental workplace, which develop positive programs with new methodology to foster such results. WEF is actively working on:

  • Raising awareness of workers to the concept of "work ethics" , postive attitude. 
  • Assisting in improving work conditions that ensures a better workplace relation and atmosphere.

WEF achievements in 4 years

  • Total trainees 7000 trainees
  • Total training hours : 100000 hrs
  • Certifications :
    • WEF Workers “Blue Collars “
    • WEN Nurses  
    • WED Driver 
    • WEP Production

Future Plan

In 2017 WEF will launch a new initiative which is Arab academy - WEF accreditation for companies that applies Code of Ethics and train their employees on Ethical Behavior implementation. The accreditation project is in partnership with Arab Academy.