Environmentally Friendly

Environmental Friendly

POLARIS PARKS has been one of the earliest adopters for environment friendly approach, It has conducted a study with Cairo University in order to decrease pollution impacts of factories within the industrial zone.

This study has been approved by Ministry of Environment and obliged to factories within the industrial park. This procedure now became a standard for all industrial parks, as we considered as a pioneers in saving the environment for a better tomorrow.

In order to decrease its carbon footprint and overall electricity consumption paid by factories, we installed solar lighting system in all common areas which is the largest example of its size in Egypt. In its all projects, there are 1421 solar power high efficient LED street lamps have been installed.

In addition to attracting and facilitating such investments, we also introduced significant novel practices to Egypt, This includes establishment of a state of are network which for example can supply water to its investors if there is an interruption on the main supply through its water tanks or electricity connections with extra lines in order to continue operation if one of the lines fails.

Clean and Green Controlled Environment is attained through flood management, productive landscape and the continuous supply of water. We always seek a ‘productive landscape’ which means that each tree we plant is meant to serve a specific need.

Environmentally Friendly

First Industrial Park with environmental assessment and approval.

Regulatory bylaws to support coherent existence between different industries.

Solar Street Lighting System to reduce overhead costs and carbon footprint.


Polaris Projects Management 

Being an industrial land developer, Polaris Parks believes in the importance of proper park management. Therefore a proper facility management system is as indispensible as the quality of the infrastructure and value adding services. In this sense, Polaris Management Company has been established as a facility management services provider for industrial compounds such as PIIP and PZIP.

The company’s integrated solution approach is focused on quality, starting from engineering designs and master plan designs to running facilities smoothly. Once a park starts operating,

Polaris Management Company has a centralized system for its facilities to ensure highest level of service quality. PMC provides its clients, both industrial compounds in macro level and also the individual factories

Polaris Project Management

Polaris facility Management Company’s (PMC) primary focus is to provide facility management, project management & project consultancy services to corporate organizations and private investors.

We pride ourselves in the delivery of high quality and professional services while ensuring minimum total life cycle cost of the asset to the owner.

To be the finest custodial & facility services company in Egypt. It is our desire to not only meet, but exceed expectations by providing consistent, quality customer service 100% of the time with a commitment to excellence in all lines of business.

Building a world class international industrial parks by operating and delivering optimum project management and facility services not only for customer need but also for ceiling customer satisfaction

The aim of Polaris Management Company is to ensure that industrial activities are carried out in appropriate places as well as the other activities and services, to act as guides towards urbanization, to prevent environmental problems, to benefit from information and informatics technologies, and to enable manufacturing industries to locate and develop according to a pre-defined plan.

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