Leading Industrial Park in MENA

We’re proud to announce that Polaris Parks have been awarded the ‘Leading Industrial Park in MENA’ during World Free and Special Economic Zones Summit co-organized by FEMOZA and UNIDO.

– Polaris Parks had contracted on selling 104.161 thousand square meters to four companies in the first phase of its land in El Sadat City since the project launch on October,2019. The companies that bought that space include 82.612 thousand square meters to El Magd for Food Industries and United for Pharmacists, while the United for Pharmacists, which work in the field of logistics and warehouse services, and El Waha for Import and Export, which work in the field of logistics and warehouses for cold and dry, acquired an area 16,.134 thousand square meters, at 8.067 square meters for each company separately, adding that High seek Company, which works in the field of building materials, signed a contract to obtain 5.412 thousand square meters.