BOSLA specialized in small & medium enterprises (SMEs) and abides by international standards of industrial zones, we also could provide other factors of success like; Legal establishment, Government interference, Administrative advice. 
We will provide all the ingredients of success that revolve around location, infrastructure services and management capability.

Project Briefing:-
– 56 Ready building units can be adapted to suit the client. We offer various types of units, based on an industrial / warehouse uses that can be complemented with an office space, showroom, etc.
– Offering the option to combine various units to create a larger unit. Combinations of various sizes and arrangements are possible and can be discussed with no obligation.
– All units are equipped with full facilities & infrastructure services that fits a wide range of small and medium projects, the Factories’ areas ranges from 495m2 to 702m2 and their multiples on turnkey basis.

It is not just about providing space for businesses or investment, it’s about creating that business community where people can enjoy where they work and who they work with & giving a positive impact on your clients, uses clustering of work areas around a common core, creates a pleasant working environment, facilitates efficient work flow, we provides efficient, productive work areas.

Project Layout


Civil works & constructions

Mechanical & Electrical installations

Facility management Training

Cleaning & Waste Collection

General Operation & Maintenance

24/7 Security Service with CCTV Camera system

Landscaping & Greenary Service

Pest Control Services